FUDGE classic candy in the perfect texture available in white, chocolate, and caramel

NUTELLA chocolate hazelnut yumminess

ITALIAN CREAM real whipped cream with your choice of flavorings

COCONUT PECAN classic German Chocolate filling

LEMON CURD tangy and bright lemon custard

ORANGE CURD soft orange flavored and colored custard

LIME CURD sweet and tangy custard with zest and colored pale green

AMARETTO  almond custard with vanilla and cream

CREAM CHEESE  tangy and creamy in perfect harmony

WHITE CHOCOLATE buttery vanilla flavor light buttercream

CHOCOLATE CREME  rich and dark with a hint of mocha

MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE chocolate buttercream with cinnamon and a touch of cayenne

BUTTERMINT like an after dinner mint; sweet, buttery, and a little minty

COFFEE light roasted coffee and cream flavor with a little fresh coffee bean

CHERRY can be fruit preserves or mixed in buttercream

BLUEBERRY fresh or frozen berries cooked and thickened to a rich purple filling

RASPBERRY or STRAWBERRY perfect preserves as filling or mixed with buttercream

CUSTOM   I specialize in creating the perfect combinations of flavors just for you!