Fillings to die for?

Nothing quite as luscious as the perfect filling within the perfect cake. Choose a complementary flavor or something that melts right in.  Remember, this is a custom cake service.  Listed flavors ideally will prompt your imagination.   FUDGE classic candy in the perfect texture available in white, chocolate, and caramel (penuche) NUTELLA  chocolate hazelnut yumminess ITALIAN CREAM real whipped … Continue reading Fillings to die for?

Let them eat CAKE

Not a cake person?  It is a typical problem, however, with the right flavor and texture the most reluctant eaters can enjoy cake.  The perfect cake shouldn't be too sweet, too dense, too moist nor too dry.  A combination of layered flavors (cream, butter, and extracts),  precision measuring of leavening, fats, flour and sugar, and … Continue reading Let them eat CAKE