Let them eat CAKE

Not a cake person?  It is a typical problem, however, with the right flavor and texture the most reluctant eaters can enjoy cake.  The perfect cake shouldn’t be too sweet, too dense, too moist nor too dry.  A combination of layered flavors (cream, butter, and extracts),  precision measuring of leavening, fats, flour and sugar, and a finish with careful baking will result in a cake that you will love!

So, follow Marie Antoinette and “let them eat cake!”  Just make sure it is TaylorMade for you.


WHITE   mild hints of almond, lemon, orange and vanilla

VANILLA  pure mexican vanilla

SNICKERDOODLE  vanilla and cinnamon

COCONUT  creamy coconut milk and coconut 

LEMON tangy and bright with lemon zest and can include poppyseed

ORANGE BLOSSOM  subtle orange notes with zest

LIME ZEST  crisp citrus combines well with coconut

AMARETTO almond with hints of vanilla or chocolate

FUNFETTI  vanilla cake with sprinkles

WHITE CHOCOLATE  buttery vanilla flavor

CHOCOLATE  rich and dark with a hunt of mocha

MEXICAN CHOCOLATE chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne can be added by request

GERMAN CHOCOLATE soft chocolate and traditional coconut pecan filling

GRASSHOPPER  delicious chocolate with peppermint

RED VELVET  Southern favorite; mild chocolate with tangy red complements

SPICE  vanilla cake warmed with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves

CARROT traditional spice flavors with carrot, pineapple,  and raisins for maximum texture and flavor

MARBLE  any two flavors of cake batter artistically baked in one pan

CUSTOM TaylorMade Cakes specializes in creating the perfect combinations of flavors just for you. Think of your favorites and realize that the possibilities are unlimited.  Just ask. You can choose three flavors for a tasting.

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